Parents Points

Dear Shem Parents
We at SHEMFORD feel that a child’s mind can be developed with the support of both the Parents as well as the School through our SYNERGY pillar. For us, parents are the best motivators and feedback providers, who help children grow at a rapid pace. Children, being the future generation need to be guided from a tender age, and we, as teachers, are doing our best for their growth, and for this we seek your co-operation too. Together, we all can do better. We at SHEMFORD Agrarespect the parents of our SHEMFORD Stars and expect the below mentioned points:

1. Kindly pay attention to the regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking interest in your children’s academic performance.
2. Do not give valuable articles like watches, calculator, camera, mobile phones, CD’s and jewellery to be brought to school.
3. It is advised to grant pocket money very judiciously to your ward.
4. Children, when sick, should not be sent to school.
5. Please inform the school well in time, in case of any changes in address or telephone number.
6. Students must be sent in washed, cleaned, neatly ironed uniform every day.
7. Co-operation in school activities and extracurricular programs.